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TheStreetTrader asked:

Well I am in high school and love to trade. I am not a good student so i know im not going to be a doctor,lawyer and that stuff. I am a junior and have been investing/trading futures stocks and options for over 3 years now with great results. I don’t think its luck because i do use a strategy and a good one i kind of created from all the other pundits strategies and just experience. I am a discretionary trader. So i decided that i want to do this at home being self employed for a living. My questions are how many other people make a career doing this? Are they successful (millionaires)? My guidance and I talked about it and she even agreed a lot of trader drop out of HS or college and make millions! I have read a ton of books and i KNOW my strategy works in bull and bear markets last year year before that i made money and even this read after taking a 20% draw down i came back with my high for the year! I can control my emotions which is important in this business from what i hear. I have instinct i can just Sense when a stocks going to move and even if im wrong i cut my losses! I use stop limit orders, trailing stops and limit orders to execute my trades. So is this a smart decision? to pursue a dream life of trading??? Me i just want a nice mansion in NJ nice cars cloths etc. and a lot of traveling around the world.
ok i read security analysis and the intelligent investors and i must say graham is too old school those methods just dont work anymore dude… trading makes money daytrading makes even more quick cash. bottom line i know how to invest but investing is pointless unless you have over 50 million to invest it willl take you forever to get 50 Mil investing like graham and buffet just isnt in my interest..
thanks but you know its interesting because i did this personalilty test in career ed in high school and the thing i got got me really happy yet weird approx. only 1% of the american population scored it its perfectionist.. it also said most likly to become a millionaire and a good career would be analyst or trader sooo yeah the fact that ive been wanting to do this for many years and just last year i took this test and got that motivated me and this year is by far my best year! i come from a very poor country and stuff soo that i have this chance i have to take it ya know? and im used to living with little money which always helps ! i am also well aware that some traders lose maybe 80% in just weeks or months but they make it back its the traders who stick with it who make the big bucks in the long run… however even during this crash i only lost 20% despite being fully invested because i use trailing stops or stop loss orders… to help prevent from losing profits … i can make it
ya know the funny thing everyday that i skip school to trade stocks i make a lot of money! a lot more than i would being in school hahaha sure im missing earth science and language arts and math but im making more money than some students do their entire year working part time hahahaha
and i usually read 2 or 3 books a month.. on investing or trading im learning both things because i know once you reach a certain level you cant just trade all the time you have to invest..

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