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In Trouble asked:

1. In the autumn of 1929, a wave of panic selling gripped the stock market as a result of
(1 point)
a sudden fall in stock prices.
corruption among stockbrokers.
business failures.
government limits on speculation.
2. The collapse of the American economic system (1 point)
affected only the German economy.
boosted American investment in Europe.
led to a worldwide depression.
increased demand for American-made goods.
3. One of the underlying causes of the Great Depression was the United States’s (1 point)
lack of farmers.
lack of speculators.
unstable government.
unstable economy.
4. Not long after Black Tuesday, the stock market crash was affecting (1 point)
only those who had invested heavily in stocks.
wealthy industrialists almost exclusively.
millions of Americans, many of whom had never owned stocks.
mainly stockbrokers and banks.

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