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CanadaCorporateTax asked: Turbo Tax Turbo Tax is your best choice in personal tax preparation software. It will make your job easy in preparing your 2011 income tax return. Turbo Tax Program Interview The Turbo Tax program has an interview format which navigates you through the tax input options with easy to understand questions. Turbo Tax will explain the different options to you so you can choose what is best in your situation. Turbo Tax advice is Free From February 10th through May 4th 2012, TurboTax Free Tax Advice is available by phone or live chat. Highly-trained Canadian tax professionals will help guide you through your taxes, 24 Their experts are knowledgeable in all facets of Canadian taxes. They’re professional accountants, MBAs and tax professionals who have collectively filed thousands of tax returns for Canadians just like you. Limitation with Turbo Tax Turbo Tax can only prepare your return based on your input into the program. For example, if you decided to rent out your principal residence for a few years then you might want to file a special election form to avoid paying capital gains tax on any appreciation during the rental period. This is where tax consultation with your tax accountant is always valuable. You can still prepare your own return(s) and save money, but consider getting a tax checkup especially when your circumstances have changed. Turbo Tax planning TurboTax Premier includes everything in Standard, plus powerful tools to help you easily claim

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