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Spreadex is a specialist in small cap shares. We offer one of the largest selections of AIM listed stocks in the industry. Small cap stocks often have a lower price, which makes them accessible to more traders. However, please note there is often a larger minimum stake size for shares with a price lower than 50p. Another thing to consider is that if you’re making a trade on a less liquid stock, you might pay a wider market spread — and guaranteed stops are not available. Read the market information sheet before you carry out your trade. We have some of the most competitive margin rates around for trading small caps with Notional Trading Requirements starting from 20% of nominal stock value. Our margin rates are a flat rate per particular stock and don’t incorporate tiered rates of margin. Most of our spreads are listed on our website, but if you don’t see the particular stock you want to trade, please call our financial room and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. We’re happy to list shares with a market capitalization of as low as £1 million unlike many other spread betting providers. To give an example of a Non 350 Daily Share bet; if you placed a £200 buy of Physiomics with Spreadex at 0.30 and the market closed at 0.50 that day you would make £40 — the 0.2 point difference from your winning bet, multiplied by your £200 stake. However, if the market had closed down at 0.2 you would have lost £20 — the 0.1 point difference from your losing bet, multiplied

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