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Alexander Efros, MBA, CPA, President and Founder of Athelon Wealth Management, occupies Wall Street in a different way. Mr. Efros sits down with a FINRA-licensed Wall Street Stock Broker to discuss the training and qualifications necessary to be a licensed broker, as well as the sales tactics and business models currently being used in the highly lucrative brokerage industry. This broker, who is referred to as “John” for purposes of anonymity, provides valuable insights seldom spoken outside the doors of today’s prominent brokerage firms. ***PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO FEEDBACK REGARDING AUDIO QUALITY, CLOSED CAPTIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO DISPLAY THE INTERVIEW AS TEXT WHILE THE VIDEO PLAYS. TO ENABLE CLOSED CAPTIONS, CLICK ON THE “CC” BUTTON IN THE LOWER RIGHT-HAND PORTION OF THE VIDEO PLAYER. IN ADDITION, PRESSING “B” ON YOUR KEYBOARD WILL ENABLE A BLACK BACKGROUND WHICH WILL MAKE READING THE TEXT MUCH EASIER. THESE CLOSED CAPTIONS HAVE BEEN TESTED TO WORK WITH INTERNET EXPLORER.*** Special thanks to “John” for his participation in this interview. Please note that “John” was NOT compensated in any way for taking part in this project. The full unedited interview is available at: Have additional questions for “John”? Would you like to see a video on a particular topic? If so, submit your questions and comments to! We will create new videos based on your requests and feedback. Athelon Wealth Management is an Independent Fee

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