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Confused about what is happening in the stock market? And it happened so fast that you are still not able to believe your eyes and ears. Yesterday the stock prices were high and you thought you will wait for some time till the prices go higher further; you have even thought about an expected figure, considering it an opportune time to sell the stocks. But today the opposite happened. The stock prices went down surprising you. And you waited thinking that it might go up again the next day, but again the opposite happened. The stock prices went further down and you lost all hope. You are not able to decide what to do! Well, this is the situation that most novice investors face. The stock prices in India are influenced by market conditions; if the market is healthy, the prices go up and if the market goes down, the vice versa happens.

It is very crucial to select the right stocks for getting maximum return on your investment. When you go through stock quotes to select one or more for your trading purpose, you should consider whether your selected stocks will give you returns or not. Go into the details of the stock quotes such as the movement of the prices, the stature of the company selling them, consistent growth record of the company, market volatility and other factors. It is then only that you will be able to select only potential ones.

There are a number of BSE companies that have maintained a consistent growth record over the years. Do not panic if at certain times the BSE stock prices go down. In the long run, a balance is maintained with profit percentage weighing more in the balance; as an investor, you gain too. Invest in such companies for the long term. You need not then check the BSE stock prices of these companies. Of course, if you invest for the short term, you will have to keep a close watch on the movement of the stock prices. In any case, do read market news regularly to stay updated about the changing market trends.

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