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td ameritrade
rickyy428 asked:

been looking around for a online broker that would allow me to quickly transfer money from my bank accounts to the broker accounts without wire transfers or checking writing, it seems
e-trade is the only one so far. Fidelity im not so sure about but it did mention something about outgoing funds transfers. So i’ve been curious about td-ameritrade…

Thanks for any answers
ya i’ve read about that possible merger, but its still up in the air it seems, td is more geared to low rates on commissions and e-trade is focused on expanding more than just it’s brokerage business. However, td has been thinking of expanding it’s operations from just low commissions as well. it would be interesting to see if that merger does go through, it would surpass charles schwab in terms of market share.
anyhow yes on to my question hehe,…so it seems both fidelity and td-ameritrade both allow outgoing and incoming electronic transfers.

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