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skydog262 asked:

My wife and I separated three months ago. She lives four blocks away and I have seen her about four times. The last we spoke, she said to just go ahead and file for divorce. I tried to talk her out of it for weeks. Finally, I got a lawyer and got the complaint for divorce written up. I called to ask her for her soc. sec. #, and she said she wouldn’t give it. She ended up coming over that afternoon. I told her I still loved her, but I could not handle this situation – not moving forward. She then came over on the weekend, and we worked in my yard, and then we went out. We kissed a couple of times. I told her I loved her, and she said she didn’t like me very much (ouch). She left because we had a fight, a verbal one, where she gave as good as she got. I think she just wanted an excuse to leave. Also, it was right after I bought a house in her area, by her family, but an hour from my job. I was effectively stuck. So, she has been back, but she doesn’t seem to be any closer to me than before. I am confused by this. She still wants to take time (her parents separated for nine months and I don’t know if she is following their plan). I have mentally prepared myself for divorce, but we had a great time hanging out this past weekend. She doesn’t like talking about the heavy stuff – ever. What is she up to? I feel like I am being punished for a fight we both participated in. She rips on me a lot too. Others think, including my counselor, she just wants the security of my job with insurance and is too messed up for this relationship. I dunno. Am I getting played?

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